About Us

Hong Kong International Youth Philharmonia was founded in 2012 under Hong Kong Education Farm Society. The Philharmonia consists of 3 orchestras of different levels and led by artists around the world including Wu Chung Fan(Artistic Director), Lam To Shing, Lo Chi Pang, Samuel Lau, Chan Sze Wah. Members consist of musicians of different levels. More than 100 passionate young musicians build up their styles and techniques to share music around the world. We believe that music can serve the community as well as education. The orchestra has collaborated with different charity societies and communities.


The Philharmonia was invited to perform in different occasions such as E-max and Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015. In 2014, the Philharmonia performed with famous beatboxers, Sting and Joe, to bring the audience a new classical music experience. The performance was a great success! (Click here to know more about Classic x Beatbox)


The orchestra consists of three dynamics: Piantina, Fruitta and Arte


The Piantina is a string orchestra led by Lo Chi Pang and Samuel Lau. Members are mostly elementary level (ABRSM Grade 1 to Grade 4). Basic rhythm, intonation and developing interest toward music are the goal of Piantina. At rehearsals, members enjoy music through humor and stories of the music. 

The Fruitta is a string orchestra led by Wu Chung Fan and Lam To Shing. The members have basic technique (ABRSM Grade 5 - 8). They look for ensembleship and musicality training. Style and character of music are main focus

The Arte is a full orchestra led by Wu Chung Fan. The members of the orchestra consist of music major, undergraduate or graduate students. The goal is to explore world music and provide opportunity for members to perform on stage, street music and collaborate with artist around the world.

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